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Clifton Parke is a privately owned educational consultancy founded in 2005 in Yorkshire. Our area of expertise is helping both schools and pupils stay abreast of constant changes in the world of education, whilst capitalizing on opportunities available to them.

Clifton Parke has become well known for not only the quality of the service we provide, but also the extensive relationships we’ve formed with educational establishments across the UK.

We have established an enviable client list built upon our reputation for excellent service and personal attention.

We help parents and students by:

  • Identifying the right learning environment to foster the child’s strengths
  • Helping to make learning fun!
  • Encouraging and developing new talents
  • Simplifying the myriad of possibilities when considering which school is the right match
  • Interview guidance – written, verbal and examinations
  • Helping families to relocate nearer to schools, should it be required

Our day-to-day commitment to our goals helps to drive our business forward and to benefit hundreds of students every single day.

Our skill in helping families find the right schools has helped many children find a love for education where previously they had fallen between the gaps. This is down to our overriding belief that before working with anyone it’s essential to fully understand the child and parent’s needs so as to ensure our suggestions are the perfect fit.

We have a proven track record of matching students with the perfect schools, and we maintain this record by getting to know both the child and administrators at potential schools, and by focusing unerringly on the brief given to us by parents.

Our results speak for themselves and are a reflection of the success and quality of our service and the value placed upon it by our clients.

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