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As A Mother, How Do You Plan Your Time?

It’s no secret that there is a very high correlation between academic achievement and personalized tuition.

Students who receive individual care tend to fare better than peers lacking similar attention.

More often than not, that care begins at home with parents, typically mothers.

This poses an interesting dilemma. How should a mother manage her time so as to be able to afford her child the support they need?

And what if said mother has no experience with teaching; should they still attempt to tutor their child?

In our opinion, the answer is a resounding yes! Parents should absolutely do all that they possibly can to assist their children, regardless of if they have teaching experience or not.

This joint exercise not only strengthens parental – child bonds, it also helps learning be seen as a fun activity (‘even my mommy is learning…it’s not just for kids’) and can also benefit adults in that they can learn new topics alongside their child too!

With regards to planning time, it can certainly be difficult to fit homework time into a daily routine, especially when other responsibilities can often take precedence.

The only way this can be overcome is by taking deliberate care to meticulously co-ordinate daily activities so as to ensure everything that needs to be done is scheduled. If it’s not on your mental to do list, the chances of making time for it decrease drastically.

By the same token, if you do have it down as a ‘must do’ part of the day, this ensures you won’t overlook it when possibility arises of spending your time elsewhere, with the cooking or domestic chores, for example.

By planning each day in such a manner, you’ll find that you overcome the sense of overwhelm which often arises when tasks have no clear start or end point, and when there’s a myriad of possible activities with which to occupy yourself.

By planning, you ensure tasks don’t merge into each other.

The video above is a good starting point in your quest to better manage your time so as to be able to spend time learning with your child.

The video features single mother and successful entrepreneur Beate Chelette and shares how she managed to overcome the aforementioned challenges in order to master her time. She also shares tips on how you can do likewise.

Should you hire an online tutor?

Recently we’ve been asked by a number of our overseas clients if there are any benefits to be derived from hiring an online British tutor.

Our response is an overwhelming YES, there most certainly is!

Not only will hiring an online tutor help to ensure that academically your child is at the right level, it will also help with the settling in process by acquainting your child with British teachers prior to their move.

Let us tackle each of these points individually:

N.B. For clarification as to what we mean by ‘online tutoring’ you can read this post by, intended for tutors, outlining how the whole process works

  1. Ensuring your child is at the right academic standard

Regardless of whether your child currently attends an ‘international school’, there is often a very noticable difference in academic levels, particularly pronounced with younger age groups.

So as to ensure transition to a British school goes seamlessly for all parties, we recommend employing the services of online tutors for all of the core subjects (maths, English and sciences) for at least a few months prior to the examination/interview process, or the move itself.

Experience has taught us that children that are on sound academic footing are far quicker to adapt than those who struggle in the classroom.

To ensure your child is not left behind, it’s imperative to begin on an equal footing with their peers and having a British tutor helping to get you to that starting point is a very good idea

2. Getting acquainted with British teachers

This is another very important factor when it comes to starting school in a new country.

As you will no doubt be aware, every education system, the schools within them, and individual teachers themselves each have their own nuiances and ways of doing things.

It’s safe to say that there is often a huge ‘culture shock’ for children attending British schools for the first time, and it’s our job at Clifton Parke to ensure they settle in as quickly as possible.

With that in mind, familiarizing them to British teachers and having them acquainted with the British teaching style certainly has many benefits.

If you would like help with finding a online British tutor please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to make introductions to tutors we have previously worked with.

You may also find The Tutor Pages website helpful, where teachers from all subjects list their resumes and make themselves available for interview.


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